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We here at Design by Intention would be happy to supply you with a preliminary quotation free of charge. To help us in this initial stage of the quoting  process, we would appreciate it if you would give some consideration to the following questions and then send us an email to ‘quotes at designbyintention dot net’. We’ll get back to you just as soon as possible.

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What is the intention, information, service, or product for which this website is to be designed?
What is your vision for this website? Do you want a website with a lot of graphics, or to be very professional, or very colorful? Maybe you want an edgy or fun website, or very high tech looking, or a clean formatted website? Do you want an interactive Rich Internet Applications (RIA) such as Flash or Silverlight animations for your website
Please tell us how you want this website to operate. If you need an e-commerce website, tell us what features you need for product control and online database structure. If you want to have a product catalog, tell us how you might want that to be presented. Please share with us how you think the website should operate.
Do you have an idea as to how many pages might be on this website?
What timeline do you have for the launch of this website?
What is your approximate budget for website design and development?
Sometimes folks have seen websites that are close in design, features, and graphical approximations of what they want in their own website. If you have seen some websites that might give us a better idea as to what you might want, please supply us with those links.
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