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Web Site Design

Click on the image to see the MPC web site.

Please click in the image to see the web site.

You are looking for a web site that not only presents your products and services, but puts forward an accurate representation as to who you are. Whether it is the first web site you’ve ever had or a redesign of an old friend, it is important that the web site accurately portray your company. This isn’t something one can easily do with a template that has had marginal modifications. We have a Ph.D. in Communication on staff who partners with you and your team so that the end results accurately represent your company, products, and services. We listen carefully to what you say about yourself and your products so that you will be well satisfied with the end result.

Our ‘Design by Intention’ approach to web sites:

  • Project your image
  • Provide accurate and informative content
  • Supply intuitive web site navigation
  • Web-friendly graphics and pictures
  • Ease of integration for new material

E-Commerce & Online Catalogs

More and more companies are using e-commerce and online catalogs as either supplemental to their core business or as a primary way of conducting business. We here at Design by Intention can develop your web site so that you can display your products and securely collect payment online.

We use the latest web based technologies to give you a RIA that displays your products in innovative ways. We provide dynamic e-commerce through PHP and C# programming that interfaces with MySQL and SQL databases that gives the end users an easy way to view your products and place orders. Some of our capabilities include:

Click on the image to see the Food Center web site.

Please click in the image to see the web site.

Click on the image to see the Ivins House web site.

Please click in the image to see the web site.

  • Shopping Carts
  • Online Payment
  • Photo Galleries
  • Custom blog designs
  • Dynamic event calendars
  • Dynamic Data driven websites
  • Streaming Audio & video
  • Intranet Integration

This is just a sample of what we offer our clients for website design. With the way this technology changes every day, the only limits seem to be imagination. Talk to us about how you envision your website. Let's work as a team to help your dreams come true.