Design by Intention - Web Sites

Web Site Design Fees

Website design fees depend upon the type and size of website. For instance, a website that has 2-3 pages of content and uses stock graphics and existing themes, has no animation and no need for database integration can be purchased for between $350 and $1,500. A website that has between 4-8 pages of content, some of which is custom tailored, standard layout with some custom design, JavaScript mouseover animations, and no database integration range in cost from between $1,750 to $4,500. Finally, there are complex websites. These are 10, 12, or more pages with custom content, layout design, and custom navigation. These websites also include animated RIA that includes graphics, and video. In addition, shopping carts and database integration are common components. Fees for websites such as these range from $4,500 up depending upon the design complexity.


We calculate the services of our graphics design in hours. We believe that having custom designed graphics charged for by the hour simplifies the quoting process and lets the customer determine how much they wish to invest in custom graphics design.

Design by Intention Pricing

We take great care in quoting prices to prospective clients. We want you to understand the costs associated with the design of your website and we want to fully understand all of the technical requirements that will be needed to complete the design.

Please let us know if you are a church or a not-for-profit organization. We offer special consideration for those involved in ministry or serving the less fortunate.

Custom Templates

Continuity in the design of a website is critical to the browsing experience of your customer. This is the base of your website. We make certain that it is designed using best practices, SEO optimization, and customer usability. And after consultation with you, we make certain that the website reflects your products, business, and company philosophy in a clear and accurate manner. When it is finished, your new website will be an accurate depiction of who you are, your products, and your core business philosophy.

Some of the components that go into our proposal are:

  • Telephone consultation
  • Industry research (pertinent to your business)
  • CSS and XHTML best practices markup required
  • Color use analysis for your marketplace
  • RIA in based on Silverlight, MS Expression Blend, and Expression Design
  • Database integration
  • Intranet integration

Our pricing is very competitive and is based on our extensive research, which includes website design and custom professional web-based graphics. Please feel free to browse over to our Contact Us page so that you can send us some information to start the proposal process.