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Graphic Design

Design by Intention offers graphic design to complement our web site development. If you need a new web-based logo or are interested in updating your current logo, we can work with you. All of the assets on the web sites we design are developed by us. Whether it is the background, masthead, web page graphics, navigation buttons, borders, or footer, we design them all. Nothing we do is based on a template.

All of the interactive graphics are designed and coded by our team. And all of our RIA, which we base on Microsoft’s exciting Silverlight platform, are designed and coded by our team to your specifications. We also work with the Adobe 'Flash' platform, which we exhibit in the 'Image Carousel' below. The designs you see in the carousel have been created here at Design by Intention for application specific use.

If you have your own designs and graphics that you wish to keep active, we are happy to use them for you in your new website design. But in the same token, if you want a complete rework of your company graphics, please fell free to inquire. Our costs are very competitive.

  • Company Logos
  • Mastheads
  • Web page graphics
  • Navigation
  • Backgrounds

Web Site Graphic Examples

Please click on an image to see it in full size.


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