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Having a website that conveys one's business philosophy, products, or company is essential to the success of a company. You’ve worked hard to be in a position to put your business online and we can work with you to realize the website that best conveys who you are and what you do.

All of our website design and development is done in-house using the most current technologies. This permits us to give you complete website design and development services at competitive prices. Be it graphic design, Silverlight RIA, (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, CSS or other tools we employ, you can rest assured in the depth of our knowledge and tools at our disposal.

If you are looking forward to your first website, or even the redesign of an existing website, we can help you establish your presence in the World Wide Web. We invite you to take a look around our site. When you are ready, send us an email telling us about your basic requirements and we’ll get back in touch with you.

Please feel free to download a working desktop version of the above clock. It is for your personal use only. The working version, keeping hours, minutes and seconds. This comes in as an .exe file. Some browsers and firewalls may not be to happy about opening executable files. This file is safe to download and run. It was made in Microsoft's new Silverlight Rich Internet Application format. You will find that Silverlight will open a whole new world of internet experiences for you.